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sharedapaopu's Journal

believe in the legend of the paopu
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Shared a Paopu - The Couples Claiming Community
» WELCOME to sharedapaopu! Yet another one of those claiming communities where members claim Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts (including Disney) pairings - their OTP if you like.

But before you start making any claims, read the rules below!
[001] : You must be a member by joining the community. That's the only way you can post. And you must remain a member in order to keep your claim. Also, if your journal gets deleted, you lose your claim(s).
[002] : The first 10 claimants will get up to 2 claims.
[003] : You must post an entry into the community with your claim. Any claims posted in comments or elsewhere will not be acknowledged.
[004] : When posting, put the following in the subject line: I believe in the legend of the paopu.
[005] : When stating your claim, be sure to include the names and games of your pairing.
[006] : Don't start any drama or conflicts of any sort.
[008] : Check the claimed list before stating any claims of your own.
[009] : This is a given, but you can't simply switch the order of words (or add any words) in order to claim something that has been claimed. For example, you cannot claim "Wakka/Lulu" if "Lulu/Wakka" is claimed, or "Squall/Yuffie" when "Leon/Yuffie" is claimed (it's the same person).
[010] : Het/Yaoi/Yuri can all be claimed.
[011] : If you change journal names and wish to take your claim with you, you must post using the journal to which your claim is attached.
[012] : Last, but definitely not least, you MUST post the following (or a variation of it) into your userinfo/claims post with the blank appropriately filled:

____&____ sharedapaopu.

Failure to follow any of the rules stated above will cause your claim to be unacknowledged.
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